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The SCNO Approach

SCNO creates a mutually beneficial partnership with the global nonprofit community by pairing dedicated teams of talented student consultants with nonprofit organizations looking to take the next steps toward achieving their mission. Working side by side on short-term, solution-oriented consulting projects, nonprofit leaders and campus communities experience the benefits that result when students are given the opportunity to apply lessons learned in the classroom to real-world challenges faced across the social sector. These engagements are entirely pro-bono for the nonprofit clients we serve, as each project serves as an environment for applied learning and students benefit from the skills and experience gained, rather than monetary compensation.

Across the country, SCNO chapters are deploying teams to solve problems and remove obstacles in the way of nonprofit success. We leverage deep knowledge of nonprofit sector trends and the resources available in a campus setting to devise solutions that aren’t just effective, but realistic for our clients to implement based on the unique circumstances surrounding each organization. We aren’t an organization that trumpets theory and rhetoric; we solve problems with a hands-on approach that builds relationships and identifies fixes that work for our clients.

Our projects center on four core areas: Organizational Strategy, Financial Analysis & Development, Marketing & Communication, and Process Improvement. Not sure if we do the kind of work you’re looking for? Ask us. Chances are we can.

Organizational Strategy

Positioning yourself for the future with detailed analysis based on key nonprofit sector trends

Financial Analysis & Development

Ensuring long-term sustainability through informed decision making and financial strategy

Marketing & Communication

Spreading the right message to the right audience through the right mediumsĀ 

Process Improvement

Expanding capabilities by designing volunteer, donor, and project management processes