Alumni Perspective: Patrick Westerlund

SCNO Alumni Patrick Westerlund 
School: Ohio State (Graduated in 2013)

SCNO Experience: Two years on SCNO Exec Board

Fun Fact: Plans to hike through the Peruvian mountains to Machu Picchu this May

Favorite SCNO Project

My favorite project was the business plan we helped the Linden Cleve Theater write. They were trying to take an old theater that has been closed for 60 years, refurbish it, and use it as a way to engage a low income, high crime part of Columbus, Ohio as both an outlet for the youth and an opportunity to showcase the arts in their own backyard. My team was so moved by this project that we extended it past our half year engagement with them.

What are you doing now?

I now work for a private family foundation in Columbus, Ohio called the Tony R. Wells Foundation. I am on the impact investing team, providing low-interest loans to nonprofits or seed capital to innovative social enterprises. I regularly review business plans and provide feedback to nonprofits and individuals looking to make an impact in their community using business as a tool for good. Within the foundation our team is working to develop multiple social enterprises and I devote part of my time to those efforts as well.

Choose 3 ways to describe SCNO students

Hard-working, ambitious, dissatisfied-with-pizza-club-resume-facades

How is SCNO different from other college experiences?

80% of what I learned in college and continue to use in my career today came from internships, simulations, case studies, and involvements like SCNO. SCNO gives students the opportunity to take otherwise boring classroom material and challenge yourself to apply it to help someone who may be limited in their ability to succeed. To me there is nothing cooler than being an enabler and a problem solver for others.