Alumni Perspective: Mike Gallagher

 SCNO Alumnus Michael Gallagher 
School: Michigan State University (Graduated in 2008)

SCNO Experience: On MSU’s SCNO board and helped build SCNO into an international organization

Fun Fact: The MSU chapter was the only SCNO chapter when Mike joined

Favorite experience with SCNO

My favorite SCNO experience was at our second national conference in Nashville. It really sank in with me that we had built an organization that spanned the country and had huge potential for future growth!


What are you up to now?

I’m currently an MBA candidate at Tuck and will be going to New York this summer to work at a hedge fund. My time in SCNO provided me with an excellent platform to develop professional skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to exercise. For example, SCNO allowed me to lead teams with real (non-academic) objectives far sooner in life that I otherwise could have.

What makes an SCNO student special?

In my experience, SCNO students from every school share a few characteristics: they expect more from themselves than typical community engagement, they are entrepreneurial, and they want to get better and seek opportunities take risks and improve.

How is SCNO different from other college experiences?

SCNO is one of the only experiences I’ve seen at an undergraduate level that allows students to self-manage a complex organization with long-term strategic considerations and short-term operational challenges. The learning experiences that SCNO creates are impossible recreate in more traditional student organizations.