Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) is a student-led consulting organization dedicated to providing pro-bono consulting services to the global nonprofit community. With chapters at 18 universities across the United States, SCNO pairs elite students with nonprofit and social-oriented organizations across the world on short-term, solution-oriented consulting projects aimed at solving key challenges facing the social sector. Learn more about the organization on our About page.

Our chapters are equipped to engage nonprofit organizations on projects covering a wide array of topics. Past project focuses include but are not limited to: general strategy, financial analysis and development, marketing and communications, and process improvement. Our teams of students have:

  • Developed organizational roadmaps to enable nonprofits to achieve their mission statements,
  • Identified key financial strategies to ensure sustainability,
  • Built marketing and social media campaigns, and
  • Implemented donor and volunteer management processes aligned to social sector best practices

And that’s just scratching the surface of the impactful work we do. Learn more about our services via the Our Work section of the site.

Our chapters work with a wide range of social-oriented organizations. Our clients vary in terms of size, revenues, purpose, length of existence, and reach. While the majority of our clients are 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit organizations, SCNO recognizes the ever expanding variety of socially minded organizations looking to make a difference in the world and may support progress across the social sector. 

Not sure if you fit the mold of an SCNO partner? Reach out and ask today. It might just be the best decision your organization makes this year.

There’s no catch! SCNO teams around the country deliver high quality results and solutions directly to their nonprofit clients through semester or quarter-long projects, and it’s done entirely, 100% free of charge. Even without payment for services provided, our projects remain mutually beneficial for both the client and students involved. The nonprofit receives the extra boost it’s needed to finally implement that new initiative that had been postponed or maybe finish a large-scale project that had fallen behind due to a lack of resources or time, while the students develop relevant and hands-on experience applying concepts learned in the classroom to solve real-world problems. It’s a win-win.

There are 18 active SCNO chapters at universities across the US, with our first international chapters in the works as we speak. Check out the Our Chapters section of the site to find out whether a chapter already exists on your campus today.

Don’t see your school listed? Expand SCNO’s reach and start a chapter.

Absolutely! SCNO is growing at a rapid pace, with new chapters started each year. If your school doesn’t already have SCNO on campus, we’d love to help you launch a chapter and provide support to make it happen. Learn how to start a chapter at your school, no matter where in the world you’re located.

There’s a strong, mutually-beneficial relationship between SCNO and companies across a wide array of industries. We offer unique access to pre-vetted, elite students with relevant problem-solving skills developed through practical experience working in teams on client-facing engagements.It’s the kind of access that helps your company efficiently and effectively achieve its Early Identification recruitment and Global Philanthropy initiatives.

SCNO is looking to develop close corporate partnerships that center on substantial mutual returns. If your company could benefit from a relationship with SCNO, reach out today and learn about our Corporate Partnership program.